After becoming a first time mother at the age of 23, knowing nothing about babies or 1stpregnancyraising children or even how they slept or how to feed one, I found a book called The Attachment Parenting Book by Dr. Bill Sears.

Until that point I had been floundering.

I was young and alone, Jeff was thousands of miles away overseas. I felt like everything I had done as a mother up until that point was wrong.

The Attachment Parenting (AP) style validated everything I had been doing or longing to do. I just felt better when I was holding my baby all day, or slept with him in my arms all night. I lamented my inability to breastfeed due to my own lack of knowledge. I discovered that all of these things were completely natural mothering instincts.

bwNow that I have three children, I have been able to forgive my first-time-mother self for all of the wrongs I blamed myself for. My second and third unmedicated, Bradley style births, the extended breastfeeding I have done with Abigail (2 years) and Benjamin (13 months so far) and the mothering I have grown into doing have been so healing for me. I’m able to look back at pictures of Sam as a newborn and have happy feelings, not anxiety, sadness and loneliness like I used to.

I believe in natural birth, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing and gentle parenting. I love all of the Dr and Martha Sears Books. They really speak to my natural parenting urges.

I also feel confident enough to stand up to people who tell me that holding a baby will spoil him, or that nursing too long is unnatural. Though honestly, rarely does anyone have anything negative to say.

Knowing that having more children is very possible, I know that this is the right way for me to mother.

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