Books I’m Reading

I do this great thing where I see a book I can’t wait to read and then I buy it and never get around to reading it.

No more!


These are the books I plan to read. Notice, I’ve already bought them and they’ve been sitting on my shelf for a while. Also add to this list the Gospel of Mark, that I ordered today and plan on starting March 2nd.

I’ve already talked about Seamless, this is the only one in progress currently. I’ll keep writing about it as I go along.

Uninvited: I had started this one about the time I had started Seamless and couldn’t get into it. I think you have to be in a certain place for this one and I just wasn’t there at that time. I was’t feeling “less than, left out or lonely,” but I’ve been there in the past. I think I’ll restart it at some point, because I’ve read that other people have gotten something amazing out of this book.

You and Me Forever: I bought this book a LONG time ago. I’m always up for a marriage builder, and I thought “its a skinny one, I’ll get through this super fast!” Nope. I still want to get into it though because, like Uninvited, I’ve heard really good things.


Where would I be without my main man Dave?

Total Money Makeover: I’m reading this one for continued inspiration to stay on the straight and narrow path of family finance. I got it Black Friday for a ridiculous price and free shipping! The second I got it I ripped it open and read the first chapter and got all mad about credit card companies again. I definitely recommend this one to anyone trying to dig out of debt.


Seamless Weeks 1&2


A while ago I started the Seamless Bible Study. It’s my first attempt at a Bible study since I was in Catholic Sunday school as a teenager. Basically it provides a very simple explanation of major stories of the Bible as they happened chronologically. Its a 7 weeks study and has readings to do daily.

I hadn’t made it very far and then I got distracted and didn’t do it for a few weeks. But yesterday I got back on it and finished week 2. I’m trying to complete it before March 2, and then I plan on starting the Gospel of Mark, an online Bible study through Lifeway Women that leads up to Easter.

Week 1
Week 1 was all about the book of Genesis. It covered creation and the fall of man and the flood, the story of Job and the Tower of Babel.  Major stories that I knew, but I feel like I now have a new understanding of, especially the book of Job, and where the saying “the patience of Job” comes from.

Week 2
Then came the Patriarchs, or the story of Abraham and his descendants. I really like the story of Ishmael and Isaac, and how the study hi lighted that Ishmael became the father of Arabic people and Isaac became the father of the Jews. I knew that Islam and Judaism were linked somehow, but now I see where the link is.

Reading this chapter I really reflected on the story of the Sacrifice of Isaac (Gen 22). Read that chapter and ask yourself “How many Behold, here I am” moments have you had this week? This month? This year? And how did you respond? This part really made me stop and reflect. I probably have more moments where I ignore when God is speaking to me, or maybe my ears aren’t trained to hear Him yet. Or maybe I know the right thing to do, or what I want him to do, but I chose to do what I want, what I think is right, smarter or the right choice for me. Can I say that I would walk one of my children up a hill knowing I would use them in a sacrifice? Trusting that God is holding me in his hands? No way. I’m not that strong. How do I tell if it’s God’s voice speaking to me? These are some of the things I’m looking to find and answer for myself through this study and probably more.

Week 3 next week is the Book of Exodus. I can’t wait to dive into it!

Time Management

I really need to learn how to manage my time better.

There are so many things I want to do with my days, but I just seem to get clutter of the brain and I don’t get to do as much as I plan.

I have books I want to start or finish, including the Seamless Bible study, I want to keep my personal resolution to keep my house clean enough for drop in guests, I want to work on this blog more (I have so many ideas!), I have my crochet side business that has kept me pretty busy lately, and then of course this whole wife/ mother thing 😉

I’m thinking maybe writing a schedule out for my week could be helpful. Like Monday could be a crochet day, Tuesday for reading, Wednesday a blog day etc etc…

I also have an update to write on my baby weight loss plan; as of yesterday I’m down 25 lbs! I’m officially wearing my first pair of ‘goal jeans’ around and out of the house and they’re comfortable.

As far as writing goes, because I always get a flood of ideas whenever I start typing, here’s a list of things I’m dying to write about:

  • Baby weight update obv.
  • Books I plan to read
  • Seamless post on the first few chapters
  • Ben’s First Birthday!! And how to stay on budget with a child’s birthday party
  • I also want to start writing “New Home Ec,” a guide to how to do things. Things I think SHOULD have been taught in high school home ec but weren’t, like how to do laundry, how to clean your house, how to plan meals and budget for groceries etc etc… Just real basic basics that I didn’t know when we got married and was suddenly responsible for a household.

No time like the present I guess, today can be a cleaning day (since the house needs it) and tomorrow I guess I’ll do some reading?