Books I’m Reading

I do this great thing where I see a book I can’t wait to read and then I buy it and never get around to reading it.

No more!


These are the books I plan to read. Notice, I’ve already bought them and they’ve been sitting on my shelf for a while. Also add to this list the Gospel of Mark, that I ordered today and plan on starting March 2nd.

I’ve already talked about Seamless, this is the only one in progress currently. I’ll keep writing about it as I go along.

Uninvited: I had started this one about the time I had started Seamless and couldn’t get into it. I think you have to be in a certain place for this one and I just wasn’t there at that time. I was’t feeling “less than, left out or lonely,” but I’ve been there in the past. I think I’ll restart it at some point, because I’ve read that other people have gotten something amazing out of this book.

You and Me Forever: I bought this book a LONG time ago. I’m always up for a marriage builder, and I thought “its a skinny one, I’ll get through this super fast!” Nope. I still want to get into it though because, like Uninvited, I’ve heard really good things.


Where would I be without my main man Dave?

Total Money Makeover: I’m reading this one for continued inspiration to stay on the straight and narrow path of family finance. I got it Black Friday for a ridiculous price and free shipping! The second I got it I ripped it open and read the first chapter and got all mad about credit card companies again. I definitely recommend this one to anyone trying to dig out of debt.


Author: Christina

I'm Christina! A 20-something wife to Jeff, mother of 3, just trying to take over the family finances, drink coffee and raise babies.

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