Time Management

I really need to learn how to manage my time better.

There are so many things I want to do with my days, but I just seem to get clutter of the brain and I don’t get to do as much as I plan.

I have books I want to start or finish, including the Seamless Bible study, I want to keep my personal resolution to keep my house clean enough for drop in guests, I want to work on this blog more (I have so many ideas!), I have my crochet side business that has kept me pretty busy lately, and then of course this whole wife/ mother thing 😉

I’m thinking maybe writing a schedule out for my week could be helpful. Like Monday could be a crochet day, Tuesday for reading, Wednesday a blog day etc etc…

I also have an update to write on my baby weight loss plan; as of yesterday I’m down 25 lbs! I’m officially wearing my first pair of ‘goal jeans’ around and out of the house and they’re comfortable.

As far as writing goes, because I always get a flood of ideas whenever I start typing, here’s a list of things I’m dying to write about:

  • Baby weight update obv.
  • Books I plan to read
  • Seamless post on the first few chapters
  • Ben’s First Birthday!! And how to stay on budget with a child’s birthday party
  • I also want to start writing “New Home Ec,” a guide to how to do things. Things I think SHOULD have been taught in high school home ec but weren’t, like how to do laundry, how to clean your house, how to plan meals and budget for groceries etc etc… Just real basic basics that I didn’t know when we got married and was suddenly responsible for a household.

No time like the present I guess, today can be a cleaning day (since the house needs it) and tomorrow I guess I’ll do some reading?


Author: Christina

I'm Christina! A 20-something wife to Jeff, mother of 3, just trying to take over the family finances, drink coffee and raise babies.

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