Baby Weight Update

I just wanted to write something quick as an update on my baby weight loss stuff and hopefully to motivate myself too since I’ve been in a slump this past week and a half.

I’ve been following Weight Watchers (using the old fashioned paper points slider and book, you know I don’t pay for online memberships 😉 ) since November 28 and as of Monday I’m down just over 12 lbs with about 28 to go.

I’m eating much healthier, working out about three times a week with some DVDs and weights I have here at home and take out is way down. Jeff got it twice for himself and the kids, and on Christmas Eve we had our traditional Chinese delivery. I skipped out on the pizza take outs, and for Christmas Eve I tried Szechuan chicken for the first time, which is just chicken and vegetables, unless theres something sneaky in the spicy sauce.

Anyways heres some starting out and recent pictures for comparison. I can see a little difference already!