How Clutter can Cost You

While I’m on a roll thinking (and writing) about clutter, I thought I’d mention that clutter can cost you. Not only your sanity, but like, money.

  1. Storage Services:
    Paying to store your junk in a locker or some other off site facility that you pay rent too is a waste! If you really loved or needed those things, you’d make room for them in your home.
  2. Rebuying Things: 
    I’ve totally done this before. I KNOW I have something… possibly two of them. But I can’t find whatever it is because its buried under junk or in a huge disorganized pile and end up buying another whatever it is I’m looking for. How silly is that?
  3. “Storage Solutions”:
    Stores love to sell you things. Remember that every time you step into a store or surf a website. Shelves and racks and other junk is not going to fix your clutter problem. They will relieve you of your hard earned money.
  4. Lack of Contentment:
    Two years ago when Sam was a little guy and I was dropping him off at the school for his half an hour speech sessions, I filled the time I spent waiting with reading Ruth Soukup’s book Living Well, Spending Less. At first I was thinking “this isn’t any earth shattering information, and I’m not addicted to spending and buying housewares and trifles.”
    But it IS earth shattering information.
    Her point is finding contentment. Finding it without spending your self broke filling your home with things that you think will make you happy. I recommend it to EVERYONE.
    I’m never less content with my living situation than when it’s cluttered up and disorganized. Keeping my home clean fosters contentment with my home, the things we already have, and I don’t feel the urge to spend on more, more, more, looking to fill that void.
  5. Renovations and Housing:
    There’s a show on TV I used to watch called Love it or List it. Basically the premise (almost always) is a family is “growing out of their home” and renovate their old home or move to a bigger one. The money spent obviously tops the hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I feel like I could solve 99% of the “storage issues” with a dumpster and a snow shovel.
    Putting yourself into unrepayable debt in order to store things is insane. Paying $100,000 (and possibly losing money in resale value) to chop up your home into a new awkward layout in order to squeeze in more closets is insane. At this point, you’re no longer having or buying a home for people, you’re maintaining a home for things. Throw them out!!

Periodically I do a huge purge of the house and I’m right in the middle of one right now. It’s a lot of work and theres always a point where I say to myself “why did I even start this?” All those 5 reasons are why. Those and that my living space directly effects my mental state. I’ll be posting about it here, along with a million other ideas I have. If only I could unclutter my brain!


Author: Christina

I'm Christina! A 20-something wife to Jeff, mother of 3, just trying to take over the family finances, drink coffee and raise babies.

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