Bailey Family Summer Vacation


Well another summer in the books. Tomorrow is the first day of fall.

Because Sam was in school all summer (due to developmental delays and sensory processing disorder that I’ll write about later), we really didn’t get away that much. Which is really ok with me because we weren’t tempted to spend bags of cash on vacations, which is SOOooo Temptinnnggg!!!!!


We did make one day trip to the beach and then a long weekend the second week of September. Just enough to get away and enjoy the ocean. And eat a lobster roll. And have ice cream for supper.

The big kids love the beach so much. We get down there from the hotel by 8am. For real. I actually don’t mind the early wake up calls on vacation because early morning and after supper hours are my favorite times on the beach. So Jeff and I finish our coffee and the kids play, and Ben snuggles. Usually all with sweatshirts and blankets on (its cold up here!).


The beach is so good for Sam. He can run and jump, roll around and crash into things, feel the cold water and splash. Usually he rubs sand in his hair and all over his body. Its such good sensory stimulation for him and he’s usually so incredibly calm and relaxed after a beach day.


That being said, who would I be if i didn’t give my Vacation Money Saving Tips?

  • Budget for Your Vacation– and stick to it. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on a trip before you even book it. Then account for it in your monthly budget as if it was a bill that has to be paid.
  • Go Off-Season– We never do anything during peak season; too expensive and too people-y. Vacationing even a few days before or after can be huge savings.
  • Do a Long Weekend– vs. a week or more. This one just makes sense; less days in a hotel, less dining out, less time off work. You still get to get away. Remember you have a goal you’re working towards.
  • Brown Bag It-Going out to eat is expensive. Plan to bring at least 2 meals per day along with you. If your hotel has free continental breakfast, all the better. I usually plan and bring breakfast and lunch. Just make sure to call ahead and make sure you have a fridge, or fridge and microwave would be ideal.
  • Get Your Discounts– Military, AAA, student ID, check the discount policies for where you’re staying and see if you’re eligible. Then don’t forget to ask for it once you get there! Most discounts can only be applied at check in so don’t forget and leave money on the table!

Author: Christina

I'm Christina! A 20-something wife to Jeff, mother of 3, just trying to take over the family finances, drink coffee and raise babies.

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